We clean and treat moss from compostion roofs with the utmost care, and prevent the moss from coming back for at least 3 years -- Guaranteed!
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Composition Roofs Require Maintenance

Four factors steal the life out of your roof:

  • Excessive moisture
  • Excessive sunlight
  • Excessive debris
  • Moss & Fungal growth

Hot sun and roof temperatures that can fry an egg cook the oils and preservatives right out of the shingle.

Then without those natural barriers:
  • Roofs can't repel water as well
  • The roof is much more susceptible to rot
  • Curling, cupping, tearing and rotting of the shingles begins
  • Moss & debris holds moisture and invite insect infestation
  • Insect infestations invite larger critters, like woodpeckers

Neglected roofs don't just look bad...
Fungus, mold, mildew, moss and algae all slowly break down the surface of your roof. Left to fester their root structure will eat away at your roof in a variety of ways:
  •   Lifts the edges of your shingles on a composition roof allowing water to:
    •   dam and wick up,
    •  run sideways underneath until it finds a weakness,
    •  or make your roof more susceptible to high wind -- ripping the shingles clean off.
  •  Breaks down the chemical bond between your composition roof granules and the asphalt, causing premature wear.
  •  Moss soaks up water, keeping your roof almost permanently wet -- promoting further fungus, mold & algae grow.



Your roof is being digested...

Though it's something you might smile at in the right setting (like your garden walkway), mossy growth on your comp roof is actually eating the roof!

Neglect is expensive

To avoid the early demise of your expensive composition roof:

  1. Remove moss & fungus which act like a sponge to hold water on and around shingles.
  2. Do so without harming the environment or risking your pets or your children with toxic chemicals.
  3. Restore lost natural preservatives so that your roof will again effectively repel water
  4. Prevent new growth by changing the pH level of the roof surface
  5. and once again look stupendous.

Aside from the cosmetic benefits of a well maintained roof it's very important to note that cleaning, repairing and treating your roof can double and sometimes triple its service life.

A clean, healthy roof will add market value to your home because, generally speaking, 50% of the exterior view of your home consists of your roof.


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