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Cleaning and protecting a roof is a dangerous job. We do not recommend doing it yourself. A trained Mosseaters technician will be happy to do the difficult work for you. First, if there are any pre-existing conditions present, such as missing shakes, shingles or tiles or just a hole, we will suggest a preliminary repair.

We use three cleaning methods:

  • Pressure Washing – Some roofs, due to excessive growth and tree debris, require pressure washing. It’s an older technology which most roof maintenance companies still perform. Mosseaters uses high-pressure water only in extreme conditions where absolutely necessary. Multiple pressure-washings over the lifetime of your roof will damage it and shorten its useful life.
  • A Gentler Method – Roofs with heavy debris and moderate growth of moss and fungus can be maintained by compressed air, blowing off all tree debris, repair, and application of a self-cleaning 5-year preservative.
  • Self-Cleaning – Roofs which sit in the open, and suffer from moss and fungus growth and direct sun exposure, can be maintained with Mosseaters’s exclusive self-cleaning products and a brushing.

You'll definitely notice the difference.


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Our crews are trained heavily in safety and are OSHA compliant at all times.
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