Our unique cleaning process cleans moss off your roof without damaging it, and we can keep it off for up to 5 years - Guaranteed!
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  • Excessive moisture
  • Excessive sunlight
  • Excessive debris
  • Moss & Fungal growth

Cedar roofs in particular can become water logged from not being able to properly dry. This in return can act as a host for insect infestation or the introduction of rot.

once a roof has been cleaned periodic treatment will keep you from having to re-clean the roof every few years.

Often, a small remnant of moss will be left behind (you want to avoid being too aggressive in trying to initially eliminate all moss) and treatment is critical to finish the job right. Plus, treatments will act as a moss preventative and roof preservative moving forward. Look for treatments that are environmentally friendly and that do not corrode your gutter system if at all possible.

Avoid more abrasive methods of roof cleaning such as power washing. There are still occasions when there is no other option to address the problem. In such situations, make sure the job will be done using the proper equipment that delivers lower water pressure and higher water volume.

Then without those natural barriers:

  • Roofs can't repel water as well
  • The roof is much more susceptible to rot
  • Curling, cupping, splitting and rotting of the shakes begins
  • Moss & debris holds moisture and invite insect infestation
  • Insect infestations invite larger critter, like woodpeckers

To avoid the early demise:

  1. Remove moss & fungus which act like a sponge to hold water on shingles and shakes.
  2. Do so without harming the environment or risking your pets or your children with toxic chemicals.
  3. Restore lost natural preservatives so that your roof will again effectively repel water
  4. Prevent new growth by changing the pH level of the roof surface
  5. and once again look stupendous.

Aside from the cosmetic benefits of a well maintained roof it's very important to note that cleaning, repairing and treating your roof can double and sometimes triple its service life.

A clean, healthy roof will add market value to your home because, generally speaking, 50% of the exterior view of your home consists of your roof.

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