We gently clean your tile roof and apply a preservative that keeps new moss from growing for at least 3 years -- Guaranteed!
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Maintenance is the key

Your tile roof is not impervious.

If moss is allowed to prosper on your concrete roof, it will drastically shorten it's lifespan. A properly maintained slate, tile or concrete roof will last a lifetime. Let us help!

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Concrete Tile Roofs in Seattle Require Maintenance

Neglected tile roofs don't just look bad...

Fungus, mold, mildew, moss and algae all quickly and persistently break down the surface of your roof. Left to fester their root structure will eat away at your roof in a variety of ways:

  •  Lifts the edges of your tile on allowing water to:
    •  dam and wick up,
    •  run sideways underneath until it finds a weakness in the felt (and finds its way into your attic),
    •  or make your roof more susceptible to high wind -- ripping the shakes clean off.
  •  Moss grows primarily on the dirt as food, but the rhizomes penetrate the concrete, causing cracks in your tile.
  •  Moss soaks up water, keeping your roof almost permanently wet -- promoting further fungus, mold & algae growth and causing serious freeze/thaw issues.
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